MANUFACTURED auto PARTS coffs harbour

At BrakePoint & Mechanical Repairs, we manufacture a variety of specialised parts. We have the expertise to provide manufacturing and remanufacturing of brake components and cables, a service that is becoming harder to find. Our skills and equipment mean we don't just handle Coffs Harbour brake repairs. We also provide manufactured parts for customers throughout Australia.

If you are in the market for brake hoses or a clutch cable for a classic car, we can help you. Call BrakePoint today and speak to our friendly staff.


BrakePoint started providing Coffs Harbour brake bonding back in 1965 (then trading as Brake Sales & Service). We are now one of only a small number of brake specialists in Australia that provide brake bonding. Our skilled bonders cater for small or large runs of shoes, and recondition parts from older trucks, cars and machinery that new components are increasingly hard to find.

Reconditioning and riveting your brake shoes for trucks, cranes and machinery is also done to make them look as good as new!


We can manufacture brake hoses for a variety of applications, including motorcycles. BrakePoint is equipped with specialty equipment to produce standard hoses, coloured hoses and stainless steel braided hoses. All hoses are made to order, ready for prompt replacement on your car or machinery. In some cases, we can even make the hoses while you wait.


A leaking cylinder can develop into an extremely dangerous situation for proper braking of your vehicle or truck. A new master, slave, clutch or wheel cylinder can be very expensive, or sometimes not available. And so the best alternative is to have it reconditioned and re-sleeved. Often for well below the cost of OEM replacement, and it will be BETTER THAN NEW - once a stainless steel sleeve is inserted!

The process involves machining and honing out the original cylinder, and inserting and glueing a stainless steel or cast iron (if requested). We then ensure the cylinder is pressure before returning the component to the customer. We will also provide the rubber kits that will ensure years of life from your reconditioned cylinder.

Learn more about our Coffs Harbour cylinder sleeving service.


Our Coffs Harbour workshop specialises in cable manufacturing for a wide range of industries. We supply cables for cars, trucks, boats, tractors, excavators, trailers, caravans - even gym equipment!

BrakePoint can either custom-make a cable to your specifications, or replicate an older cable that you bring in to us. Our in-house cable manufacturing ensures a fast turnaround time and the highest quality standards.

Our range includes:
  • Accelerator cables
  • Clutch cables
  • Handbrake cables
  • Speedometer cables
  • Marine cables
  • Trailer cables
  • Gym equipment cables
We will be more than happy to help you find the right cable for your needs.


BrakePoint is one of the few Australian workshops that rebuild brake boosters. We rebuild the majority of brands and sizes, including boosters found on imported or classic cars. Our fitter and machinist has extensive experience rebuilding and manufacturing components for boosters.

We also have a huge range of seals available to ensure there are no internal fluid leaks once the booster is reassembled. Once the rebuild is complete, we run a series of tests to measure the output and hydraulic performance.


If you need a lever clutch rebuilt for a vehicle or truck, contact BrakePoint in Coffs Harbour. We have been providing rebuilds since 1965, assisting customers with a wide range of models and clutch kits. We can custom manufacture cylinders and supply any rubbers and cables you require to get your bike running again.

If you need a lever clutch rebuilt, BrakePoint has the expertise in-house. We welcome the customers to get in touch with us for any clutch rebuilds, and we will freight the parts directly to you.